Programs That Help The Six Group Tick

We thought it might be handy to give a little shout out to some of the programs that help us run smoothly. The internet offers such a vast market of programs, apps, and websites, it's hard to pick from all of the options. If you're just starting up, looking for more organization, or looking to switch programs that aren't working for you, maybe what we use can help you too.

Glip: Glip is our one-stop shop for in-house communication and functionality. You can use it to chat with employees or clients, create and assign tasks, video conference, video and file share, and much more! We use it daily to keep track of our ever-growing task list, stay in touch with each other on the road, and to communicate...even if we're in the same room.

Last Pass: This is pretty much the saving grace to The Six Group. Last Pass is an online password manager that allows you to securely and discreetly save usernames and passwords. If you're a business that has many different clients, like us, you know how crazy it is to keep track of everyone's username and password for every website you need to access. Last Pass allows you to do just this. You can organize the websites you save and you can share websites with employees (for that helpful delegation of duties) without breaching any client confidentiality.

Dropbox: As we stated before, we have many a client, so Dropbox is our file sharing and storage option of choice. Dropbox makes it easy to share files with your clients and vice versa. Just make sure to stay on top of your home page, so you're not ripping out your hair later when it's a crazy, disorganized mess!

Adobe Sign: When we need a W-9, direct deposit form, contract, or any other document securely signed, we trust Adobe Sign to do the job. Adobe offers the utmost protection to our, and our client's, information when it comes to legal, federal, and other business documents. They make it easy to upload and customize filling and signing features, as well as manage documents sent and remind signees when things maybe have fallen through the cracks.