Ways To Become A Millionaire...Hopefully!

I was browsing through Entrepreneur.com and saw this article on Entrepreneur.com. Author Chris Dunn lays out several ways you can emulate what millionaire business owners do, so you too, can potentially be on a path to your own millionaire-hood. He makes an excellent point at the beginning of the article and shows that being a millionaire actually is the most achievable it's been in a long time.

Read the actual article. It's full of inspirational quotes and statistics, but I will summarize it below for your eyes to quickly scan. So, here are the ten ways you can model the success of a millionaire!

Step 1: Hard Work

A classic piece of advice, but it couldn't be more true! Nothing comes for free in this world, and more often than not, you have to work yourself to the bones to get it. The most successful are the ones willing to outwork the competition.

Step 2: Passion

You'll never get tired of working your business if it's something you truly care about.

Step 3: Diversify Your Income Streams

Basically, don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Generate multiple sources of income.

Step 4: Never Stop Learning

Read those books and listen to those podcasts and audiobooks! Expand your minds! Particularly ones that promote growth, such as psychology, business, science, leadership, and biographies. Personally, I'd also like to throw in books about the arts as well. Creative thinking and problem solving is essential to business growth!

Step 5: Invest in Successful People

Not just in terms of money, but in time, energy, and attention. We're all in this together and the only way to get there is together. Find and help people, causes, and/or investments that you care about. I'm sure you'll find others come to your aid as well.

Step 6: Find a Mentor

If you're anything like me, you instantly think of Jack Donaghy, a character from the show 30 Rock. Find someone with more experience and knowledge who can help guide you to your goals.

Step 7: Model Physical and Psychological Traits

So, Dunn states that millionaires act and think differently than "less financially successful people." Cue eye roll! He goes further into it though, and describes how there's something about their body language, their resilience, their delayed gratification, and the way they keep their eyes open to new opportunities. There's definitely something to emulating the traits you wish to achieve. I feel like I've seen many a book and a Ted talk having to do with this. I feel like this one folds nicely into many of the other tips in this list.

Step 8: Clear Goals

Stay focused. Create clear, achievable goals. Know what and when things need to get done.

Step 9: Own Your Time

Millionaire or no, we've all got the same 24 hours a day to work with. Make sure you utilize those to-do lists and that you're crossing off those goals that were mentioned earlier.

Step 10: Accept Failure and Persevere

This is probably the most important tip and I think it comes full circle with the first tip. Stay positive and don't give up! As scary as it is, failure is a part of growth.